Quote Preparation

Yes Hospitality Group Site Questionnaire – Hotel Division

Thanks you in advance for your attention to this questionnaire.Please complete the following questions as accurately as may be possible to ensure a firm estimate. This document will serve to provide figures for an accurate preliminary submission.

General Information

1. Full name of person completing the questionnaire:

2. Position of the person completing the questionnaire:

3. Full name of Hotel:

4. Company ABN/ACN:

5. Name of General Manager/Site Manager:

6. Name of Rooms Division Manager:

7. Name of Financial Controller:

8. Name of Human Resource Manager:

9. Location of the Hotel:

10. Postal Address of Hotel:

11. Is the Hotel built or in in construction:

12. Start Date/Open Date:

13. Stand Alone or Branded:

14. If Branded, Number of other Hotels:

Hotel Profile

1. Total number of keys in hotel:

2. Fixed or Variable Keys:

3. What star rating is the hotel to achieve:

4. Room Type Inventory:

  Number of rooms Avg Occ % SqM

5. Is the Hotel Seasonal?:

6. If yes to above, detail high season and average occupancy:

7. If yes to above, detail low season and average occupancy:

8. Weekday average occupancy:

9. Weekend average occupancy:

10. Average annual budget occupancy:

11. Please provide the estimate as per the table

Daily Service Departure Clean Weekly Service

12. Hotel Density:

Hotel Operational Aspect

1. Detail the budget business mix

    Ave Length of stay
Corporate % Days
Leisure % Days
Groups % Days
Aircrew % Days
Other % Days

2. Average length of stay in the hotel:

3. Will rooms predominately be serviced daily, weekly or another combination:

4. What is the purposed linen turnover, ie sheets changed everyday, every 2nd etc:

5. Uniform Requirements, Hotel to supply or Yes Hospitality Group:

6. Proposed communication systems Hotel will provide:

7. What are the hours that Housekeeping is to provide:

8. Will an office space be provide and what IT if any:

9. What storage facilities are provided:

10.Where are the storage facilities:

11. Who will manage the linen (if Known):

12. Anticipated Linen pae level (if Known):

13. Will any other Housekeeping services be required:

14. What AWARD will you be operating under:

15. Will there be other facilities the Hotel will operate and is a quote require for those areas:

16. Is a quote for Common/Public are also require:

17. If yes to above, please specify areas and specifics:

18. Which PMS (Property Management System) will be used:

Are there any areas that may impact the quote, please specify: