How Can good housekeeping Improve Your Hotel’s TripAdvisor Rating?

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The arrival trip advisor for your hotel can scrutinise your hotel in a few clicks. It can make or break the reputation of the hotel. There are chances that your loyal customers can turn your critics too, so; it is vital for you to keep up every increasing standard to hold an excellent reputation. 

Your priority is to make that stay of the customer in your hotel happy and satisfied as a hotel owner. Failing to do this has enormous implications, like impacting your hotel ratings. Trip advisor has raised the expectations of the customers and given them a platform to share their opinions about their stay at the hotel, which is essential.

The stats offered by Tripadvisor are crucial because it is noted that 96% of the customers depend on reviews and recent survey before making a purchase. It is found that 74% of the customers who make a booking at the hotel visited your hotel on the site before making a choice.

Hotels are becoming gripped with Tripadvisor but; it is providing an excellent opportunity for the hotels to engage with potential customers at the high influential time of making their purchase decisions.  

The best thing you can do to get famous on platforms like Tripadvisor is to pay more attention to housekeeping to get positive reviews from the customers.


Get basics right 

Housekeeping in the hotel is beyond cleanliness. There are a few basic things that the customers expect from the hotel irrespective of its cost. Cleanliness of the room matters in making your first-time visitor a repetitive or loyal customer. It also makes your hotel room into a potential deal for the customers who are looking for it. 

 The existence of rooms makes it a hotel so, they turn to be its hearts for no doubt. Housekeeping plays a key role in delivering guests with a room that matches their expectations, which creates a great impression of the hotel. 

Walk an extra mile 
The housekeeping department of the hotel should always be ready to walk the extra mile to offer that small little thing needed by the customer to make a difference. You should always make a note and attend those small customer preferences and attend them on time. It can be an extra cup of coffee, a bucket of ice on their arrival, or any such things to make their experience at your hotel happy and memorable. The memorable experience you give to the customers at the hotel incline them to give positive reviews on Tripadvisor.

Address missing ingredient to improve rating at Trip advisor 

As it is said that housekeeping has a key role to play in increasing your ratings at the Tripadvisor as it provides you an opportunity to enhance your customer experience. When you leave the customers with the best possible housekeeping service, they leave a positive review and give you a chance to attract more customers through Tripadvisor.

 If you are wanting to improve your Tripadvisor rating while leaving a review, consider three criteria on which the ratings are given 

• Service

 • Location

 • Value

Of the three aspects that concludes your ratings on the site, housekeeping is the easiest to improve when compared to costs and location. If the housekeeping department of the hotel is successful in giving much homes away from home experience to the customers, the ratings on Tripadvisor are sure to provide you with the desired benefits.

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